Advanced Replace Tools (ART) - Screen shots

Here you can see screenshots of the utilities in the "Advanced Replace Tools".

Browser mode

This mode allows to works with files like in many standard file managers.

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Finder mode

  The Finder utility allows search documents by file mask, by date, by size, by attributes and even by text strings as if   you   use an Internet   search engine.

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Replacer mode

This powerful utility lets you insert, replace and remove entire fragments of text consisting of more than one line in multiple files. Utility search for the text specified in the "Find text below" field and then replace (or insert after, insert before, remove that depend from the selected option) to the new text from the "Replace/Insert text below" field.
       For example, it is very easy to insert JavaScript right after <BODY> tag and then easy update it, insert new or
remove   from all pages of your site!
On the screenshot you can see how to insert JavaScript right after <BODY>.

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Batch Replacer mode

  Batch Replacer is a text replacement utility necessary for webmasters, programmers and everybody who is concerned   with computers. Imagine that you need to replace some text in hundreds of files. It will take you many hours to do it   manually. Batch Replacer is created to solve this problem. It work with ALL files. You can find all symbols in file and   replace them to anything. It does this job for you easily.

MultiProcessing mode

  Multiprocessing is a tool which contain several utilities inside. This tool is necessary for webmasters, programmers and administrators. Any new abilities can be added easily. Just ask about them at support.

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