Advanced Replace Tools (ART) - Support page

Technical support

Registered users are entitled to technical support, should the need arise. Please contact us from the contact us page.


Send questions, comments, and concerns about ART to us. Receiving feedback from you ensures that our team hears your input about our products to help us better serve you both through technical support as well as feature enhancement. ART features and interface designs reflect the influence of our vision with a heavy emphasis on your comments and suggestions. If you come up with a feature idea, another/better way to accomplish a task, or want to provide us with general comments we want to hear from you.

Something to say?

If you have any question, comment, advice or suggestion or simply want to communicate with us in regarding to anything you would like to talk about, no matter of what nature it is, we are ready to answer with pleasure and to help you in any way, always.
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