Advanced Replace Tools (ART) - Multilingual(International) support

About multingual support

ReplSoft ART supports multi-language option. ART interface can be changed to any language, which can be encoded by using a single-byte coding scheme (Western languages).

At this time ReplSoft ART GUI has following languages:

- English
- French (Thanks to Philippe Curtil)
- Spanish (Thanks to Javier Barcena)
- Dutch (Thanks to Arno van Dulmen)
- Danish (Thanks to Christian Hřyer)
- Hungarian (Thanks to Charles)
- Portuguese (Thanks to Rodolfo Urbano Batista)
- Turkish (Thanks to Ediz Kirman)
- Russian (Thanks to DJ BMVik)
- German (Thanks to Heinicke H.-Jurgen)
- Italian (Thanks to Alberto Barbero & Barbara Bigaran)
- Ukrainian (Thanks to Yuriy Deremenda)

- Norwegian (Thanks to Infoplus)
- Spanish (Thanks to Juan Macedo
- Hungarian (Thanks to Sárándi István)
- Slovak (Thanks to Tomáš Teicher)
- Russian (Thanks to Mikhnov Yuri)
- Macedonian (Thanks to Nikola Nikolov)

You may earn registration if you provide us your translated file for new language. For more information how to earn a registration please visit the Earn registration web-page.

If you have any questions or concerns you may ask us online on the Support web-page.

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